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body positions
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These are more positions of the body with some animated and non-animated pictures!


quatrieme devant

efface derriere (Vaganova)




quatrieme derriere



a la seconde

croise derriere



croise derriere

1st Arabesque


2nd Arabesque


3rd Arabesque


BALLOTTE - tossed




CABRIOLE - from the Italian CAPRIOLA, a she-goat, a caper. . . All steps of elevation begin and end with a plie. CABRIOLE can also be done a la quatrieme derriere.



BATTEMENT - beating. This is a demontration of GRAND BATTEMENT (Large battement) - An exercise in which the working leg is raised from the hip into the air and brought down again, the accent being on the downward movement, both knees stratight. This must be done with apparent ease, the rest of the body remaining quiet.

COU-DE-PIED - neck of the foot. SUR LE COU-DE-PIED - on the neck of the foot. In the Cecchetti method, sur le cou-de-pied devant is the position of the working foot placed with the outside face of the heel in front of the supporting foot just above the ankle bone with all five toes resting on the floor sur la demi-point. Sur le cou-de-pied derriere is the same position with the inside face of the heel placed behind the supporting joot just above the ankle joing.


DEVELOPPE - developed





JETE - thrown. A jump from one foot to the other preceded by a brush with the working leg. There are 37 variations of jete. GRAND JETE EN TOURNANT - large jete turning.


FOUETTE - Whipped...


GLISSADE - to glide. A traveling step used to link other steps.


PAS DE CHAT - step of the cat


PORT DE BRAS - Carriage of the arms. The term port de bras has two meanings: (1) A movement or series of movements made by passing the arm or arms through various positions. The passage of the arms from one position to another constitutes a port de bras. (2) A term for a group or exercises designed to make the arms move gracefully and harmoniously. In the Cecchetti method there are eight set exercises on port de bras.

In the execution of port de bras the arms should move from the shoulder and not from the elbow, and the movement should be smooth and flowing. In raising the arms from one position to another the arms must pass through a positions known in dancing as the "gateway". This position corresponds to the fifth position en avant.


TEMPS LIE - Connected movement. Temps lie, an exercise used in centre practice, is composed of a series of steps and arm movements based on the fourth, fifth and second positions. A very valuable exercise for the achievement of a soft demi-plie, it teaches control and balance in transmitting the weight of the body from one position to another with a smooth rhythmical movement. TEMPS LIE SIMPLE EN AVANT - Simple connected movement, travelling forward. Fifth position croise R foot front, arms bras bas. Demi-plie and glide the pointed toe of the R foot into fourth position croise and raise the arms to the gateway. Cemi-plie in the fourth position, then shift the wieght onto the R foot, straightening both knees and raising the L foot pointe tendue croise derriere and the arms en attitude, L arm high. Close the L foot to the fifth position back in demi-plie, body en face and lower the L arm in fronto fo the waist. Slide the pointed toe of the R foot to the second position, leaving the L foot in demi-plie; shift the weight onto the R foot in demi-plie, straighten the knees opening the L arm to the second position and turning the head to the left. With pointed toes, slide the L foot onto the fifth position croise devant and demi plie, lowering the arms to bras bas. Repeat the whole movement ot the other side.


TOUR EN L'AIR - A turn in the air


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