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It's all so pretty...


Some people say that a dancers feet is the most uglyest part of the body. They say this because a dancers feet is one of the most important part of the body to a dancer. It is were all the dancing really begins. The feet allow the dancer to move about freely when needed to. They are the most abused part of the body when doing ballet. Great strength is used with the arch so there is alot of pointing involved. Before a dancer may even go on pointe they must have to get calluses to protect themselves from from pointe.


Not only do ballet dancers get calluses but when they were pointe shoes they intend have worked there feet so much that the skin that rubs against the shoe is raw. Not only that but endure crooked toes for the pounding and strain involved.This is why dancers do many things to there feet and shoes to make it more comfortable for wear. No matter what they use to make it better they can still feel the pain when dancing on pointe Even though ballet is very beautiful it can turn out bad at an older age, from all the technique the hip becomes and injury from it. In all is ballet worth it all?


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