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Here is a recipe for dying your pointe shoes to save money!

Shellac is like Dr. life to your pointe shoes. Yeah, it makes pointes extremly ugly--But hey, it's saving you a boatload of money for shoes that you'd wear out in a heartbeat anyway. So wihtout further a'do, let's Shellac 'em!.

1.Get a bottle of 99% isopropy alcohol. Pour 1/4 of it into another bottle.

2. Place a medium-sized piece of rock rosin in a durable plastic bag and using a rubber mallet, cruch it into fine powder.

3. Add the rosin powder to the original container of alcohol until it turns a deep amber colour. The deeper the colour, the stronger the shellac.

4. Pour the shellac into a leak-proof sqeaze bottle.

5. Save the left over alcohol for your next batch of shellac.

WARNNING: Alcohol IS flamable so becareful were you store your shoes!

Recipe came from this site variations/basics.html

The following was borrowed from the following site

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