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I want a better arch!!!


Do you ever look at other dancers and wonder why they got a better arch than you?

I go through this everday as a dancer. You see i have never started ballet until now, 16 years of age. I've been told many things about how my feet were never gonna arch. Guess what they are improving, slowly bending over each time i practice.

ways to get a better arch:

* Stand on a step with just your toes on the on the edge. Now do a rise with you your tummy tuck and butt lifted. Then release rise allowing your heel to dangle with your toes still on the step. Do as many times as you like, it helps your arch and ankles.

* Take a tennis ball and put it under your feet and point allowing your arch to slowly curve around the ball.

* Another way is tendus.

* You can also sit on the floor with your legs extended and point your feet and hold then release.


The following was borrowed from the following site

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