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Be happy to know your students go on with there life with YOUR dance knowledge.....

Some people like me start dance too late and have disabilities. I am a 16 year old and there are poeple who can become a dancer at this ae but need to et the technique fast. I was upset at first but then thought, i can still dance, i can dance for myself and not care what they think. I thought about other area's i can be in with dance and decided to become a teacher. I wanna become one because i wanna watch others succeed to there happy place. The best part is there going to be going on with there life with my teaching knowledge and that gives me a great feeling. Only being two years in with ballet i help the other students including little kids with there techniques. To become a teacher i need to still learn the technique, and movements.

I thought about were i wanted to get my teachers course. I first wanted to go to Julliard in New York U.S.A, then Goerge Brown in Toronto Ontario Canada, Then i kept lookign into it and found Canada's National Ballet School 3 years teacher program. I am now working towards a goal to get there. I have two years left of high school. It's really fustrating since you have to audition for them to accept you, then the money payments. That's what i wanna do, I believe in myself. I'm gonna make it. Click on the below to search each school!





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