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A Ballerina's World
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How the body dances?
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Ballet Jorgen Canada's Dance Company
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How to apply Stage Make-up
Ready fBody Position
First Five Positions
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Perfect Body?
Arch Problem
Turn Out Tips
ballet News
The Dancers Feet
Dying your pointe shoes?
How to make a perfect bun
pointe Shoes
Are you on the Ballet slipper?
What kind of feet do you have?
body positions
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Welcome to A Ballerina's World
Where there is more then just dreaming...


Hi,Welcome to A Ballerina's World.i have finally decided to make a site for the fisrt time in my life. There arnt many sites out there for dancers in need of help!!! I hope you enjoy it and beable to revisit it as much as you like!!!!

A Ballerina's world is a site that allows new or former dancers to explore over and over again!!!


What's New?

This is were i will be telling you what i added.

06/29/06 - Added my pointe shoes and "Why Dance" Documentary pages.

12/21/04 - Added 3 pages, video clips, the dancers body and dance company!

12/14/04 - Made the site!


PLEASE do not take any of my pictures or ideas. I worked really hard on this site. Thank You!!!

Allow yourself
to Succeed

The following was borrowed from the following site

Site By Ashley made on December 9 2004